Reconditioned Engines

Engines are sold on a Part Exchange basis

All work covered by a 1 Year Guarantee or 12,000 Miles (whichever is sooner)


VW 1641 AD-AS Air Cooled Engine £1080
VW 1.6 CS Diesel Engine £1,680
VW 1.6 AD Air Cooled Engine £1080
VW 1900 T25 Water Cooled DG Transporter Engine £2,280
VW 2000cc CJ-CU Air Cooled Engine £2,520
VW 2.1 T25 Water Cooled DJ Transporter Engine £2,400
VW 1200 Single Port £1080
We've got you covered...

2 year or 24,000 Mile Warranty service also available for peace of mind.

More Details

All engines receive (as standard):

  • NEW Barrels & pistons
  • NEW Bearings
  • NEW Camshaft bearings
  • NEW Gaskets & seals
  • NEW Push rod tubes
  • NEW Spark plugs
  • NEW Valve guides
  • NEW Valves
  • Crack tested cylinder heads
  • Crankshaft end float set by dial gauge
  • Reground crank
  • Reground flywheel
  • All threads checked and repaired for easy assembly
  • Crack tested engine case, inline bored for oversize bearings

We'll ensure the engine is as reliable as possible and will carry out modifications where needed to make this so.


All engines are tested for oil pressure, compression and leakage before delivery.


Engine will be delivered once payment has cleared and your old engine is confirmed ready for collection.

What works for you...

We can transport the vehicle or just the engine from a designated place to our workshop where we will inspect, remanufacture and ship back to your location. Or, you can come and collect directly from us if you wish.

More Details

Have an engine you would like reconditioned? Get in touch for a quote and shipping details.

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